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Sierra Marine Catalog 2010

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Battery Box Large 325x180x213mm (115102)

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Sender Tank Ultrasonic Programed (113361)

Sender Tank Ultrasonic Programed (113361)

Technical Overview

See details below.

The BEP TS1 is an ultrasonic tank sender unit that has no moving parts and can be used in fuel tanks (petrol or diesel), fresh water, grey water or black water tanks.

The TS1 can be used on any shape tank with a minimum depth of 200mm and a maximum depth of 2m. The unit operates on the same principle as a depth sounder and can be configured to be used in conjunction with BEP, Teleflex, Faria, VDO and many other gauges from most popular instrument manufacturers.

BLA are marketing the TS1 to both the retail and OEM/manufacturing sectors. For retail sales, the TS1 (BLA Code 113361) is available as a fully programmed unit.

The TS1 signal is not a true resistive signal and cannot be used with an electronic engine monitoring system.

The TS1 is ideally suited to analogue instruments that have a resistive range of 10-180ohm, 240-33ohm or 10-300ohm.


The purchaser is required to supply tank dimensions and the type of display when ordering the TS1. Please refer PDF download

Manufacturers can purchase the TS1 in a bulk pack of 12 units (BLA Code 113360-Promo) that is supplied complete with the BEP TS programmer, 32-bit Windows application used to pre-program the parameters of the TS1 ultrasonic tank sender via a computer COM port. These parameters are stored in the non-volatile memory in the tank sender and information relating to tank shape, size and fluid type are required to be entered.

Further non programmed TS1 units (BLA Code 113360) can then be purchased in quantities best suited to the manufacturer’s requirements. The programming kit TS1-PK (BLA Code 113362) is also available separately. Once programmed the sender delivers accuracy to within 2mm at 2m depth. If the tank with the fitted sender unit is replaced with a larger or smaller tank, the sender can be reprogrammed an unlimited number of times.

To complement the TS1 sender, BEP produce the 600–TLMN Tank Monitor (BLA Code 113394) that can accurately display the level of 3 tanks with individual legends e.g. fuel, water, blackwater, in graphic or percentage form. The unit will display in litres, imperial gallons or US gallons, has an audible alarm with mute function that can be set for 3 individual tanks for high or low tank levels, and is backlit for night time viewing.

The TS1 has a standard SAE 5 hole mounting pattern and is supplied with sealing gasket, instruction leaflet and 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. It is suitable for top mount installations only. The low profile sender unit can be fitted in metal or plastic tanks, and is resistant to petrol, diesel, water and toilet chemicals. It has a 10-32V operating range and an operating temperature range of 4-65°C.

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