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Sierra Marine Catalog 2010

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Battery Box Large 325x180x213mm (115102)

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KE-6 BASIC KIT 1 Engine 1 Station 12V 1 single lever (306138)

KE-6 BASIC KIT 1 Engine 1 Station 12V 1 single lever (306138)

Technical Overview

KE-6 BASIC KIT 1 Engine 1 Station 12V 1 single lever

How to Order the KE-6 Electronic Engine Control System:

The KE-6 Electronic Engine Control System is ordered in four parts. To correctly specify a system from the guides below you will need to know, the number of engines, number of stations and engine model information.

Part 1:

Kit includes control head(s), control unit(s), actuator(s) and power supply harness(es)

Control Head, 306252-56

The dual function, hand lever control unit that activates the operation of both gear and throttle functions.
Supplied standard with a gold cover trim. Other colours available, refer accessories.

Control Unit, 306272 12v - 306273 24v

Electronic processor box with plug-in connectors for electric cables to connect control head(s), power supply and actuator(s).

Actuator, 306259

The electrical/mechanical change over box. Supplied with a 350mm wiring harness that connects the actuator to the shift/throttle harness. Mechanical cables
(purchased separately) are required to connect the actuator to the gear linkages (Refer part 3).

Power Supply Harness, 309955

Connects the control unit to the batteries. Harness length is five metres.

Enter "View Product PDF" for further information.

Also required:

Part 2:

Remote Control Harness, 306304-30

Connects the control head to the control unit. Available in lengths from 4 - 30 metres. Each lever on the control head requires a remote control harness, eg a single lever control head requires one remote control harness, a twin lever control head requires two remote control harnesses. Select the length required.

Part 3:

Mechanical Control Cables

Cables such as CC633, SP33C, CC330 or 33C, connect
the actuator to the transmission(s) gear linkages. Short
length cables are recommended as the Actuator should
be installed as close as is possible to the engines. One
shift cable is required per transmission.

Part 4:

Shift/Throttle Harness, 306342-46

Connects the engine throttle output and the actuator harness to the control unit. Select the appropriate cable relative to throttle output. Cable length is five metres.

Refer to related products for Parts 2, 3 (shown as cables) and 4 to complete selection.

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