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Sierra Marine Catalog 2010

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Battery Box Large 325x180x213mm (115102)

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Hydraulic Engine Control Kit Mc-T4-S3d (306524)

Hydraulic Engine Control Kit Mc-T4-S3d (306524)

Technical Overview

Hynautic single engine, triple station, T handle, dual mount plate

Hynautic engine control systems set the industry standard for hydraulic engine controls with systems available to suit single engine - single station, all the way through to twin engine triple stations. Machined alloy controls, optioned with ball or 'T' handles offer traditional marine styling with proven reliability.
Suited to the recreational cruiser or the full time charter

How The System Works

Hynautic hydraulic engine controls offer the boat owner a very positive, synchronised method of relaying remote commands from multiple stations to the engine’s throttle and transmission linkages.

Engine controls have been packaged into systems for complete and simple installation. Systems have been designed for up to three stations, using either nylon tubing or copper tubing. A fourth station is possible, depending upon the length of the tubing run. Nylon tubing is preferred because of ease of installation and
the material’s expansion characteristics.

The slave unit is designed to deliver up 139 kgf cm (120 lbf in) of torque through 80 degrees of travel. Therefore a system will accommodate marine engines and
hydraulic transmissions used on boats to approx. 30 metres.

When the control handle of the sending unit is moved, mechanical energy is transformed into fluid energy by
means of a rack and pinion attached to an internal piston. This piston expels fluid from the sending unit into
all other control heads and the slave unit. The pistons in each of these units are thus moved an equal distance, causing a corresponding movement in the lever arm of each. Controls can be synchronised simply by moving the lever arm of any control head from stop to stop.

The reservalve maintains the extra fluid and a constant pressure head of 5.5 bar for the system. The flow of fluid within the reservalve is regulated in the charging valve at the base of the reservalve. As fluid expands due to engine temperatures, the excess liquid is expelled into the reservoir at a controlled rate. Likewise, fluid is returned to the system as temperatures drop.

Each throttle slave unit contains an over-travel bungee in its linkage to the engine. This device assures that the slave piston will reach end stroke in each direction to maintain the balance between senders and slave.

The transmission slave unit has a mechanical detent
to indicate a neutral position. Each throttle slave is equipped with an internal pilot check valve
which prevents control arms from drifting back to an idle position.

System Plumbing:

Hynautic engine control systems are easily plumbed utilising 5/16” unplasticised nylon tubing. This tubing
expands at a similar rate to the fluid, thus compensating for inevitable fluid expansion and contraction. The
tubing is easy to install and special O-ring fittings are supplied with each system. Bleeding the system of air is
accomplished via patented bleeder fittings. Systems for copper tubing are also available.

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