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Sierra Marine Catalog 2010

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Battery Box Large 325x180x213mm (115102)

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Engine Synchronisation Switch (306288)

Engine Synchronisation Switch (306288)

Technical Overview

Engine Synchronisation Switch

KE Dual Engine Synchronisation - KE-4/5/6

Engine synchronisation is a function that monitors the vessel's two engines to run at the same engine speed without precise adjustment of the individual throttle controls by the operator. A vessel that has its engines in synchronisation will be better balanced, track straighter, reduce strain on engines and running gear and be more
economical. Once installed, simply set both hand levers to the neutral position and turn the optional synchronisation switch on (if you do not install a synchronisation switch it will be active at all times).

When both engines are in forward throttle range and the hand levers are within 10º of alignment, the system will automatically synchronise engine RPM. Moving either lever beyond 10º of alignment will inactivate synchronisation.

There are five components required to enable engine synchronisation on KE-4/5/6 - three are required for operation, two are optional.

(1) Communication Harness - required

Used to connect the control units on dual engine installations. Installation of a communication harness is highly recommended on all twin engine installations, even if not installing engine synchronisation, as the harness also enables an important safety feature, single button push to activate a station.

(2) Synchronisation Master Harness - required

180mm pigtail connector that connects the communication harness to the starboard control unit and enables connection of the engine synchronisation switch. Includes a 5m lead to connect to the starboard engine RPM output.

(3) Synchronisation Slave Harness - required

180mm pigtail connector that connects the communication harness to the port control unit. Includes a 5m lead to connect to the port engine RPM output.

(4) Synchronisation Switch - optional

Used to engage or disengage the synchronisation function

(5) Synchronisation Switch Harness - optional

Connects the synchronisation switch to the synchronisation master harness.

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