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Sierra Marine Catalog 2010

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Battery Box Large 325x180x213mm (115102)

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Battery charger MK110PA portable 12V 10A (114580)

Battery charger MK110PA portable 12V 10A (114580)

Technical Overview

Battery capacity amphours:50-130   Input AC voltage:230/240   Maximum output amps:10

The new MK110PA portable marine battery charger is designed to deliver a precise, proper charge to marine batteries without over or under charging as is often the case with standard automotive battery chargers. It utilises a multi-stage charging system; a feature not found on most portable chargers, to charge up to 50% faster than a single stage (bulk) 10amp portable
charger, while properly protecting the batteries. Over charging can damage the useful life of the battery. Likewise under charging over time, will reduce the discharge time and shorten the battery life as much as 20%.

The fully automatic charging system utilises bulk, absorption and maintenance cycles. It delivers 10 amps maximum charge in bulk mode until the voltage reaches the absorption level, at which point the charger varies the power output to maintain voltage. Once the
power output drops to a preset level the charger goes into maintenance mode maintaining the voltage at a lower level.

An LED display indicates power on, charging ,full charge and check connection. The unit features short circuit and reverse polarity protection, a safety feature which prevents the charger from operating if improperly connected to the battery. It is suitable for use with 12V/6 cell batteries which are flooded wet cell, maintenance free or AGM type only.


Length: 178mm

Width: 229mm

Height: 197mm


3 year warranty

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