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Sierra Marine Catalog 2010

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Battery Box Large 325x180x213mm (115102)

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43VB Vernier Head & Cable - 7.75m (307327)

43VB Vernier Head & Cable - 7.75m (307327)

Technical Overview

43VB Vernier Head & Cable - 7.75m

The ultimate push pull constant throttle control. Thumb depress the red centre button and pull the control out to the approximate desired RPM setting, fine adjustment can then be made by screwing the knob in or out. Applications range from gensets where exact RPM control is required to achieve required AC frequency, to setting running speeds or just setting fast idle warm up.

Positive adjustable friction brake maintains setting regardless of vibration, will even hold diesel governor back pressure. Instant return to idle, simply depress the red knob and simultaneously push the control in.

Fast and Simple Installation

The Vernier Control head assembly disconnects from the cable via a coupling nut. This feature enables the control head to be installed independently of the cable, so the cable can be routed separately and connected to the control from behind the console.

Operating Loads

The Vernier control is recommended for operating loads up to 9kgs for both 33V and 43V series control cables. The control can withstand much higher operating loads but human factors come into play at around 9kgs. Consideration should be given to a different type of control for loads exceeding 9kgs.

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